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I’m a Canadian global affairs columnist and journalist, and recipient of the 2016 Fellowship in International Development Reporting from the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Aga Khan Foundation. I’m currently based in Istanbul and was previously in Beirut. Covering international trends in democracy and human rights throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe, my work has ranged from the independence campaign in Scotland and North Koreans’ Christian conversion in Seoul, to the takeover of a government building in Ukraine and a dognapping mafia in Lebanon. I recently founded If We Were Syrian, which compares Syria’s death and displacement tolls to major world cities. Feel free to get in touch.

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“Nations can pursue values in the abstract that link all people together. Rights, relief of poverty: these dreams are for the world. You can have values that link all nations together in the common struggle.”

Martha Nussbaum, philosopher, talking to me in July 2014

“We call it the first right: the right to have rights. (The right to nationality) opens a legal relationship between individuals and the state.”

Furio De Angelis, UNHCR representative in Canada, talking to me in November 2014

“Canada traditionally punched above its weight in international affairs and that’s no longer the case … (It is ) engaged in a very selective way, a very partisan way … Canada at this point is picking off the easiest adversaries.”

Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, talking to me in July 2014

“You think we’re happy here?”

Syrian refugee woman, living in Lebanon's Bekka Valley, talking to me in November 2013

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